Quingo Mobility Scooters from AVC

The 5 wheel mobility scooter that changes everything

Safety, Stability, Agility, Comfort, no other range offers more

AVC Quintell™ Technology - Powering Quingo Mobility Scooters

Active Tri-Wheel Steering System

Quingo Quintell Triwheel mobility scooter steering

Offers exceptional stability and agility while maintaining excellent posture.

AVC Quintell™ Technology - Powering Quingo Mobility Scooters

Posture Control System

Quingo Quintell posture control

Best possible anatomical driving position ensures the most natural, comfortable ride

AVC Quintell™ Technology - Powering Quingo Mobility Scooters

Adaptive Floating Footplates

Quingo Quintell adaptive footplates

A vital part of the Quintell™ ergonomic anatomical driving position.

Advanced Vehicle Concepts Ltd –  the home of Quingo Mobility Scooters

Founded in 2006 AVC are the designers and manufacturers of the 5 wheel Quingo mobility scooter range which benefits from many unique features that offer increased stability, agility, safety, superb posture and comfort.

The first Quingo was introduced in 2007 and the range has been expanding and refining ever since. The range now includes everything from the fully portable, take apart Quingo Air 2, the Quingo Flyte, the first self-loading mobility scooter in the world, the Quingo Classic 4mph pavement use mobility scooter and fully road legal, up to 8mph capable, car replacement mobility scooters represented by the Quingo Plus, Quingo Vitess 2 and the flagship Quingo Toura 2.

Advanced Vehicle Concepts Ltd founders and directors have between them over 100 years experience in the mobility service industry, having been involved in the field since the 1960’s.

This depth of experience and insight has, over time, allowed AVC to produce an exceptional, innovative range of high-quality personal mobility products. Using cutting edge design techniques and accredited high-quality manufacturing systems, AVC vehicles offer imaginative solutions to people’s mobility problems worldwide.

AVC Quingo mobility scooter innovators

The self-loading Quingo Flyte mobility scooter, featuring unique innovations only found on AVC designed personal mobility scooters, takes portability to new levels of ease and convenience.

AVC hold multiple worldwide patents for the Quintell™ Technologies used in Quingo mobility scooters that combine to make users safer, more comfortable and more confident.

The unique active Tri-Wheel steering and 5 Wheel Stabilising System allow for an improved turning circle, maintaining control on kerbs and inclines while providing up to 80% more foot space than similar length 4 wheel mobility scooters and far greater stability than a 3 wheel mobility scooter.

Kerbmaster™ powered anti-beaching prevents tipping and eliminates beaching. Full ergonomic posture control provides exceptional comfort on all journeys, feet forward adaptive footplates reduce stress for back, hips, knees and ankle joints with precise leg and foot positioning, combined with wide seat and tiller adjustment a healthy and comfortable seating position can be tailored to individual requirements.

No other mobility scooter offers more stability, more agility, more comfort.



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AVC Quintell™ Technology - Powering Quingo Mobility Scooters

KerbMaster Anti Tipping and Anti Grounding

Quingo Quintell Kerbmaster Anti Beaching Anti Tipping

KerbMaster™ Eliminates beaching on kerbs and prevents tipping.

AVC Quintell™ Technology - Powering Quingo Mobility Scooters

Self Centering Steering

Quingo Quintell Self Centering Steering

Reduces strain and stresses on arms, shoulders, neck and back reducing tiredness

AVC Quintell™ Technology - Powering Quingo Mobility Scooters

Shock Absorbing Smartbumper

Quingo Quintell Smartbumper

The Quintell™ Smartbumper enhances safety by absorbing shock in the event of collision.