The specialists from Handicap-Magazine report about the advantages of Quingo Mobility Scooters.

 Handicap magazine in Germany recently highlighted the portability benefits of Quingo 5 wheel scooters in a feature article. The article explains how Quingo solves the problems presented when transporting traditional mobility scooters by car and explains how easy the loading and unloading process is with an adaptable 5 wheel Quingo. Additionally, the article presents the [...]

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Safety and Stability

Two of the biggest concerns when choosing a mobility scooter suitable for you and your environment are the safety and stability of the models on the market. With its 5 wheels and unique Quintell technology, Quingo scooters are stable, comfortable and safe even on the bumpiest of roads and pavements. This patented technology ensures that [...]

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New manoeuvrability and recommended retail price study is good news for Quingo

An independent research study commissioned to look at the mobility scooter market in two key areas proves to be good news for the 5 wheel Quingo range. The study was conducted by Thorpe Associates, who are an international market research and benchmarking organisation. The study, carried out in November 2013, compared the turning radius of [...]

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