Quingo - Safety and comfort reinvented

With the hazy days of summer just around the corner, being able to enjoy an active lifestyle is something which many people take for granted. But for 56-year-old Lesley Wood, enjoying the warmer weather will be a life-changing experience this year thanks to her rather unique mobility scooter.

The former pub cleaner, from Collumpton in Devon, will be reaping the benefits of being able to get out and about this summer after suffering from debilitating osteo-arthritis for the past five years.

The condition, which is also known as degenerative joint disease and affects up to 8 million people in the UK alone, has left her with searing and crippling pain in her knees, back, neck and arms.

Unable to climb the stairs, go to work or even stand up, Mrs Wood was forced to rely on her husband to help her carry out day-to-day tasks.

But since she got her Quingo 5 wheel scooter, Mrs Wood says she’s finally got her independence back. She can now enjoy meeting her friends for a coffee, or taking her five grandchildren to play in the park – and she wants to make sure that anyone who suffers from a similar condition knows the benefits of having such a scooter.

She said: “Having my scooter really has changed my life. My osteo-arthritis left me with crippling pain all over my body and I missed out on a lot. I’m only 56 years old, but I had no life at all and so I’m incredibly grateful to the Quingo team for helping me get that back. “Now I’m able to go out for walks with my husband or meet up with my daughter for lunch. You don’t realise just how important being able to get out and about is until you lose it. I finally have my life back and I can now look forward to enjoy the warmer months by going up my garden or down to the park.”

Any mobility scooter is great for those who are looking to get out and about during the summer to visit family, friends or the shops but thanks to its unique 5 wheel design, this particular scooter has the advantage of being incredibly stable and agile in tight spaces, while the multiple seat, armrest and adaptive footplates ensures that Lesley consistently drives maintaining the best possible posture.

Mark Nicholls, Managing Director for scooter firm Forever Active Ltd, added: “We are delighted that Mrs Wood has had such a positive experience with her scooter. We always appreciate hearing about the genuine benefits that our five wheel mobility scooters bring as they are much more stable and easy to move with the extra fifth wheel. We went to a lot of trouble designing a product that combined the best practical safety features with the best possible posture control. It is particularly gratifying to hear that Mrs Wood is reaping the benefits from her Quingo and long may it continue.”