Quintell™ Technologies are the very core of the Quingo design and the manoeuvrability, safety, stability and comfort they offer.

No other mobility scooter can give you the benefits that our worldwide patented Quintell™ designs bring.

So how did these Quintell™ innovations come about?

Having been in the business of providing mobility solutions for three generations, the family behind the Quingo Range were acutely aware of the problems and drawbacks of traditional three and four wheel mobility scooter designs.

The design team behind the Quingo Range were tasked with conceptualising unique solutions to avoid the compromises inherent in other, lesser designs.

Quintell™ Active Tri-Wheel Steering

The problems associated with these designs were mostly to do with front wheel configuration.

Three wheel scooters offer excellent turning circles whereas four wheel scooters do not. Four wheel scooters are stable but the same can not be said for three wheel designs.

In order to overcome the problems, while retaining the advantages of each design, the AVC team came up with the Active Tri-Wheel steering system and the five wheel Quingo featuring the Quintell™ 5 Wheel Stabilising System was created!

Quintell™ Active Tri-Wheel Steering

Additionally, the design was to bring another benefit unique to our mobility scooters and one which creates significant problems for other designs.

Kerbmaster™ Kerb Handling

While every scooter can climb kerbs, in order to achieve this safely, they must approach the kerb at as close to straight on as possible.

Three wheel scooters will tend to deflect along the kerb instead of climbing it if this is not done and are at great risk of tipping over. Four wheel scooters on the other hand can be very jerky and this may result in loss of control or even possible injury caused by violent movement of your tiller.

Our Quintell™ Active Tri-Wheel Steering system allows the mobility scooter to approach and climb kerbs at up to a 45° angle. Making it safer and simpler to achieve this and Quintell™ Self Centering Steering reduces strain on your upper body.

Once the issue of climbing the kerb had been overcome the team looked to the rear of the scooter and another problem associated with kerbs, beaching.

Traditional, fixed wheel, anti-tip systems while vital to preventing the scooter from tipping backwards will often catch on the kerb edge leaving the scooter stuck.

Using the basic principle behind gears, the Kerbmaster™ Powered Anti-Grounding and Anti-Tipping system was invented.

Quintell™ KerbMaster™ anti-tip and anti beach

If you dismount from a pavement and your rear main drive wheels can lose contact with the ground, at this point the anti-tip wheel is inevitably brought into contact with the kerb. This causes the Kerbmaster™ mechanism to rotate upwards engaging an intermediate wheel to the drive wheels of the scooter. This middle wheel ensures the wheel in contact with the kerb turns in the same direction as your drive wheels and drives you off the kerb.

Quintell™ Posture Control System

Comfort was not, it seemed, very high on the list for many designers. AVC recognised that with any mobility issue there is more often than not some associated pain and to that end creating the most comfortable mobility scooter possible was crucial.

The other considerable benefit gained from the Active Tri-Wheel steering was there was now up to 80% more foot room available, when compared to a similar four wheel scooter, so the driver enjoys far greater comfort.

Quintell™ Posture Control System

The extra room afforded became an integral part of the Quintell™ Posture Control System. This system approaches increasing passenger comfort from multiple directions.

A key factor in making sure your posture is ergonomically correct is our Quintell™ Adaptive Floating Footplates. These adjust in all planes and also angle to offer optimal positioning of your ankles, knees and hips.

Add in the benefits of fully adjustable seats and tillers and you will find it very hard to find a another mobility scooter that can offer the levels of comfort available in the Quingo Range.


The exceptional safety built in to the Quintell™ 5 Wheel Stabilising System is further complimented by our Quintell™ Shock Absorbing Smartbumper. This bumper not only absorbs the force of a collision it also acts as an automatic brake on the front wheel.

We have many distributors of the Quingo Scooter Range featuring Quintell™ Technology around the world. Here is a list:

Quingo UK

Advantage Marketing Corporation Ltd, 7 Stadium Way, Cradock Road Industrial Estate, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU4 0JF, United Kingdom

Tel: 0800 808 5388

Website: https://www.quingoscooters.com

Quingo Australia and New Zealand

Wholesale Mobility Ltd, 19B Pearson Way, Osborne Park, Perth, Western Australia

Mobile 08 6279 9462

Website: https://www.wholesalemobility.com.au/

Quingo France

Tous Ergo, 95 avenue d’Amsterdam, Bondues, 59910

Téléphone : 07 67 74 30 92

Téléphone portable : +33 7 67 74 30 92

Fax : 03 28 09 91 50

Website: https://www.scootersquingo.fr

Quingo India

Five Wheels Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. 311, Survey No. 197, Block GA NPR Complex, Hoody Village, K.R. Puram Hobli Bangalore – 560048, Karnataka, India

Telephone +91 740 606 2888

Website: https://easymove-mobility.com

Quingo Nederland

5deweil, Haven 2, 5688 DR, Oirschot

Tel algemeen: 0800 20 20 (Nederland)

Tel algemeen: 0800 16 200 (België)

Website: https://www.quingo.nl

Quingo USA

ComfyGO, INC. 8746 Kimball Ave, Chino, CA 91708, USA

Product Information: +1 (844) 755-5055

Website: https://www.comfygo.us


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