Quingo Ultra Mobility Scooter

The ALL NEW Quingo Ultra Mobility Scooter features an all aluminium chassis which offers low weight, great styling, easy portability for travel, a host of safety and performance features and an equally attractive lower price point.

The Quingo Ultra mobility scooter benefits from the same innovative design, engineering to the highest specifications and assembly by highly trained technicians as all of our five-wheel scooters. Like all Quingo mobility scooters the Ultra comes with the safety, comfort and manoeuvrability offered by our unique, worldwide patented, 5 wheel design.

The Quingo Ultra mobility scooter is extremely straightforward to transport and is very easy to dismantle , taking less than 60 seconds to be loaded in to the boot of even a small car and, due its lightweight aluminium chassis, it is easy to lift the individual components. Ideal indoors or out, it can be used in shopping centers and for trips to small local shops or keeping in touch with family and friends. The unique 5 wheel stability system enjoyed by Quingo scooters maintains the manoeuvrability, superior driving position and posture benefits of a 3 wheel mobility scooter while implementing the stability and safer cornering characteristics of a 4 wheel scooter. As well as the exceptional anatomical driving position all Quingos also offer an astonishing 80% more foot room than a 4 wheel mobility scooter of a similar length. Additionally Quintell™ Adaptive foot-plates allow individual adjustment in multiple planes assuring the most natural and comfortable ride.

  • Superb portability – The heaviest component weighs just 17.8kg or 39lbs. Dismantling and assembly are both efficient and swift and your customers will appreciate the blend of comfort, performance and portability.
  • No ordinary portable mobility scooter – Enhanced 5 wheel stability. The first generation, 3 wheel portable mobility scooters, while agile, are unable to match 4 wheel portables when it comes to stability. Using British designed 5 wheel Quintell™ technology makes for stability in a class of its own, crucial for negotiating hills and inclines and when mounting or descending kerbs.
  • Enhanced comfort & posture control – Being able to achieve a healthy posture is a vital consideration when choosing any mobility vehicle. Quingo is the only range of mobility scooters that feature adaptive footplates and allow for full ergonomic posture control, affording exceptional comfort even on those lengthy excursions. The feet forward configuration of Quingo allows customers of a loftier stature, and those who may suffer joint stiffness, to be accommodated in comfort in a portable vehicle measuring only 105 cm in length.
  • Safer kerb handling – even at angles. Kerbs can represent considerable obstacle to scooter users. Only the Quingo 5 wheel system features the capability to ascend and descend kerbs at an angle of up tp 45°. Additionally Quingo’s patented Kerbmaster not only prevents tipping but also eliminates beaching with it’s auto-powered drive system.
  • Unrivalled agility and a tighter turning circle – In independent research carried out by Thorpe Associates the 5 wheel Quingo proved to be more manoeuvrable than any 4 wheel scooter, of comparable length, available today. This makes for agility, while maintaining safety, in places with restricted space such as small shops and shopping centres.

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Quingo Ultra Benefits
Quingo Seat Belt
Ultra USB charge port


  • Type – 5 Wheel PMV*
  • Class – EN 12184 class B

  • Intended Use – Pavement
  • Maximum Speed – 4mph/6.4kph
  • Carrying Capacity – 300lbs/136kg/21.4st

  • Electric Motor – DC 24v 250 Watt

  • Battery Configuration – 2 x 15Ah

  • Travel Range 2 Battery Configuration – 16 km 10 miles**

  • Battery Configuration – 4 x 15Ah

  • Travel Range 4 Battery Configuration – 29 km 18 miles***

  • Kerb Climbing – Max 2″/3cm

**(16KM) ***(29KM)
Travel range varies greatly by each of the following factors such as type of terrain, surfaces driven on, the weight of the rider, the ambient temperature & the condition and age of batteries. All of these factors can reduce the quoted travel range calculated in ISO716-4:2008 test conditions.

  • Quintell™ 5 Wheel Stabilising System
  • Quintell™ Active Tri-Wheel Steering
  • Quintell™ Self Centering Steering
  • Quintell™ Posture Control System
  • Quintell™ Kerbmaster Powered Anti-Grounding
  • Quintell™ Kerbmaster Anti-Tipping
  • Quintell™ Adaptive Footplates
  • Illuminated Dash Layout

  • High Security Ingnition System

  • Quick Release Tiller
  • 80% More Foot Area*
  • Quick-Release Seat Belt
  • Removable Shopping Basket
  • Automatic Regenerative Braking
  • Automatic Electromagnetic Parking Brake

  • Fail Safe Manual Disc Brake


Available Accessories

  • SP1 – Rear View Mirror Right
  • SP2 – Rear View Mirror Left
  • SP3 – Stick Clips Right
  • SP4 – Stick Clips Left
  • SP 6 – Rear Shopping Bag and Crutch Holder
  • SP7 – Scooter Storage Cover
  • SP12 – Scooter Garage
  • SP13 – Rear Mounted Oxygen Cylinder Carrying Bag
  • SP19 – Puncture Resistant Treatment to all Pneumatic Tyres
  • SP20 – Scooter Mac
  • SP21 – Water Resistant Basket Liner
  • SP50 – Quingo Hi Vis Insulated Safety Jacket
  • SP90 – Off Vehicle Charging Box

Specifications and applicable accessories may vary from country to country contact you country’s man dealer/importer for details.