At Quingo, there’s no mail we like receiving more than mail from our valued customers. We appreciate hearing about your experiences throughout the process of testing the scooters, from purchasing the model that’s right for you, right the way through our after-sales care. So as you can imagine, we were delighted to receive a letter from from Mrs Marie Hallsey-Lindan who completed a client assessment after a demonstration of two of our Quingo models.
Quingo feedback scores.

Graham Lambert from our knowledgeable team took Mrs Hallsey-Lindan through her test drive. She wrote that “no detail was left out” with Graham’s clear instructions, meaning that Marie quickly learnt which model was right for her. The test was completed thoroughly, putting her at ease and allowing her to learn about each models’ distinct features. Describing Graham as “excellent at his job”, she was able to test drive the two models easily and with expert guidance.

Marie test-drove both the Quingo Sport and Quingo Vitess from the range. The Quingo Vitess, the next generation deluxe model of our range, is the perfect solution for varied terrain to ensure a powerful and stable drive. If you are looking for the ideal car replacement then the Quingo Sport is the perfect fit for you with its exceptional power on hills and extended range.

Many thanks to Mrs Hallsey-Lindan for going beyond her client assessment form and telling us more about her customer service experience. Would you like to get in touch? To let us know your thoughts about our range, customer service or otherwise, don’t hesitate to write to us or call to chat.

To discover everything you need to know about the full line-up in our extensive range, call our friendly team today on FREEPHONE 0800 023 2577 to receive your free brochure and DVD.