Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities here at Quingo, which is why we value our customers’ opinions and experiences of Quingo scooters so much. We believe in the quality of our scooters and we love to hear from customers who really put them through their paces!

This month we received a letter from a customer who’d done just that, only this testimonial arrived from further off the beaten track than we’d normally expect – Europe’s most northerly point, North Cape in Norway!

Creating great customer experiences

We aren’t just passionate about creating great products; we strive to create great experiences. That’s why we ensure one of our trained mobility engineers takes each and every customer through a full and thorough demonstration of the product and its functionality.

Mrs Anne Wood of Kent recently got in touch having been kind enough to complete our ‘Forever Active’ customer satisfaction survey. How did Mrs Wood find the initial demonstration of the Quingo Flyte from our mobility advisor? Below are just a few of Anne’s positive experiences.


Putting the Quingo Flyte through its paces

We were thrilled to receive an accompanying letter and photograph from Anne, telling us about her fantastic experience with her Quingo Flyte in Norway. What made her experience so special? The Quingo Flyte docking station made it incredibly easy for Anne to take her Flyte to a real European landmark, the North Cape – Europe’s most northerly point – and a landmark often described as incredibly blustery and not for the faint of heart!

Anne went on to describe that she’d never have been able to reach the North Cape “with a scooter you had to dismantle to load into the coach”, proving the Flyte’s superior versatility, even in harsh conditions!

What makes the Quingo Flyte different?

Anne’s praise serves as a great testament to the Quingo Flyte’s incredible stability, even when faced with adverse conditions and tough terrain. Unlike traditional 3 and 4 wheel scooters, Quingo 5 wheel system is specifically designed to provide a level of stability not found anywhere else in comparable competitors. Quingo’s hallmark tri-wheel steering makes it possible for users like Anne to navigate what would normally be difficult terrain easily with superior comfort, enhanced stability and unrivalled agility.

In Anne’s case, the adaptability and unique docking station of the Quingo Flyte enabled her to experience a great European landmark less easily accessible by a traditional scooter. It’s always fantastic for us to receive stories like this from our valued customers, and we’d like to thank Anne for getting in touch and sharing her great story with us: we wish her all the best on her future adventures!
If you would like to find out for yourself the difference a Quingo scooter can make, or ask about any of the 5 wheel mobility scooters in our range, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to request your FREE brochure, or give our customer service team a call on FREEPHONE 0800 023 2577.