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Member’s of Britain’s one and only “Scooter Formation Display Team” – the Red Wheelies – successfully completed their biggest challenge yet: a gruelling journey along the full length of Hadrian’s Wall, travelling over 84 miles in less than two weeks – all on Quingo Sport mobility scooters.

It is the first time that anyone has ever attempted to travel the distance of the world renowned Roman wall on mobility scooters in its 2,000 year history – meaning the Kent ladies are officially trail blazers and hopefully their successful experience could encourage other people to follow in their tracks for years to come.

All members of this pioneering party have Multiple Sclerosis – eight of the nine are grannies, two celebrate their ruby wedding anniversaries this year, three will turn 60 before the end of 2009 and between them, they boast an impressive combined age of 542.

The group undertook the colossal challenge to raise much needed funds for The Kent Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre in Canterbury, a self funding charity, set up by MS sufferers – and offering oxygen therapy, physiotherapy, nutrition and diet advice, nurse clinics, support groups and counselling services for both patients and carers.

Red Wheelie team leader, Jackie Weeden, said; “We wanted to show people that MS is not the end and that it can be the start of something new, something different. The journey was not without its trials – we had a few days where we thought the weather would have us beaten – but it all worked out and we crossed the finishing line to glorious sunshine.”

“We also want people to know that all was self-funded and the expedition was part of our annual holiday, ensuring all funds raised go direct to the Therapy Centre we attend.

“We have received some fantastic support from Quingos Mobility Scooters too – and without them, this trip really wouldn’t have been possible. Most scooters have three or four wheels and are designed for use around shopping centres and on even surfaces but we were out in the wild tackling stones, rocks, tree roots, puddles and potholes so we needed transport that could cope – which Quingos can as they have five wheels, meaning they are sturdy as well as maneuverable on every type of surface – bumpy or flat. When Mark agreed to let us have ten top of the range five wheel sports models, it was all systems go. We just can’t wait to get started now.”

Managing Director of Forever Active (UK suppliers of Quingos), Mark Nicholls, said; “Our products have been designed to give people with mobility issues their independence back and the ladies have achieved what is a truly tremendous feat, we feel honoured to have been involved in the journey and wish the Red Wheelies all the best luck for the future – as we’re certain this is the first challenge of many that they’ll successfully conquer.”