Emmerdale’s Sandy Thomas (played by Freddie Jones) has this week acquired a 5 Wheel Quingo Vitess mobility scooter – which will be a lifeline for Sandy’s character. As for all Quingo users, the scooter will be a welcome and safe means of remaining independent for Sandy, allowing him to stay involved with all the social goings on in the village.
Emmerdale has the scooter on permanent loan from Forever Active, the UK’s exclusive distributor of Quingo mobility scooters. Emmerdale contacted Forever Active directly and Group Marketing Manager Paul Benzie met props manager David Cowan, the Directors of the show and actor Freddie Jones on-set to help select the right scooter for the character. The Quingo Vitess, which is an 8mph, long range model was a great fit that can easily cope with the rugged terrain of the Dales as well as being nimble enough for the village stores.
Mark Nicholls, Managing Director at Forever Active, says: “A Quingo scooter is perfect for a character like Sandy – Becoming less mobile doesn’t mean you need to lose your independence and a Quingo can safely help you to get around, keep up with friends and family and remain part of the community – important in a small, close-knit town like Emmerdale.
To find out more about the Quingo Vitess in the UK call free on 0800 085 7555 and for those who missed the debut, viewers can keep up to date at www.itv.com/emmerdale or watch it on ITV on week day evenings at 7pm.