Quingo - Safety and comfort reinvented

The results of the latest independent testing of the Quingo range against competitor products are in.

The report was carried out by a leading systems and engineering technology company Frazer-Nash Consultancy. The tests carried out stability analysis for three manoeuvres that are representative of day-to-day use and were selected as those most likely to induce a vehicle tip over.

Products on test were the 5 wheel Quingo Sport and the new Quingo Vitess while the competitor products were the Booster Trophy, the Handicare Winner and Merits S133, all of which are 3-wheeled vehicles. The test comprised of the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: Turning at full-lock on the flat (at a range of speeds) on a flat surface.
In this test both the Quingo Vitess and Sport were shown to be significantly more stable on the flat regardless of the speed.

Scenario 2: Turning at full-lock on an incline (at a range of speeds) on a 1:6 inclined surface. This test showed the same outcome with the Quingo’s by far the the most stable however the margin of advantage with 5 wheels widened further.

Scenario 3: Descending a kerb at an angle( at a range of kerb heights)
THis final test reveals that both the Quingo models are able to descend the highest kerbs without tipping while the 3-wheel models all tip at significantly lower heights .

In summary, this latest report further demonstrates the genuine benefits of the 5 wheel Quingo over traditional mobility scooters. To get a copy of the full report please contact us.