First Ultra Sale in Holland

Our Dutch distributors recently took delivery of the all new model in the 5 wheeled Quingo range, the Ultra. It didn't take long for the very first sale to come along on a beautiful sunny day. We would like to congratulate our Dutch colleagues on what we are sure will be the first of many [...]

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Announcing the Quingo Connect Powered Wheelchair

The Quingo Connect is a brand new foldable electric wheelchair scooter from Quingo. You can buy them from our exclusive UK distributor Forever Active You can find out all about this portable lightweight scooter and order one from their new website

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Quingo Flyte with New MK2 Docking Station

The Flyte has been one of our greatest successes being the only self loading, 5 wheel scooter in the world. AVC was not satisfied just to rest on our Laurels and went back to redesign the docking station to make it easier to install, use and make the heaviest component lighter. […]

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AVC Granted Patent for Brazil

Advanced Vehicles Concepts Ltd are pleased to have received another territory granted patent notification, this time for Brazil. This is in addition to the granted patents granted for areas such as Europe, USA, China, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, just to name but a few. This means that the unique Quingo tri-wheel system offering a unique [...]

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The Q-Cam Rear View Camera and Display System

A first for mobility scooters, the Q-Cam allows the scooter owner to enjoy vastly enhanced vision in all situations, no matter which way they are heading! They will be afforded full, unhindered vision, helping them to see obstacles that are behind them such as pedestrians, children & pets even when they could be hidden by [...]

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Quingo – helping around the world!

A video from our dutch distributor here is an translation to English 1. 00:12 -> 00:15 I’ve had surgery, First ive had a hernia surgery. 2. 00:16 -> 00:19 That went wrong. Then I went to a clinic 3. 00:19 -> 00:24 in Germany for surgery. When I woke up from anesthesia, 4. 00:24 -> [...]

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The NEW Quingo Air 2 is here!

The Quingo Air 2 is as simple as ever to transport and easily dismantles into the boot of even small cars in less than 60 seconds. It's heaviest component is just 26.8kg and can be wheeled along with it's own carry handle. Dismantling and assembly is both practical and quick and customers love the combination [...]

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Quingo – a hit with both teens and seniors in Sweden

Swedish audiences in Vänersborg have just had their first taste of the 5 wheel Quingo phenomenon at two special events attended by AVCs, exclusive Swedish Quingo distributor Promenix Solutions. The first show was ‘Older Fair 2015’, which as the name suggests focuses on the needs of a more senior audience. Johan Hellgren of Promenix explains [...]

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