The All New Quingo Ultra Portable Mobility Scooter

The announcement of a new addition to our range of mobility scooters is always exciting and, a mobility scooter that improves greatly over its predecessor, is something any designer will strive to realise, we think we have accomplished this with the Quingo Ultra.

Quingo Ultra Mobility Scooter

Sometimes evolution is as powerful as revolution.

If something was well considered to begin with, refining the original becomes a matter of small tweaks and, in the case of the Quingo Ultra, the use of different materials for its manufacture.

The all new Ultra, while capitalizing on many of the engineering concepts behind its predecessors the Air and Air2 models, has included every lesson we learned from them and improved or reimagined them.

The result is a compact mobility scooter that owners of Air and Air2 scooters will find familiar but also markedly improved.

The major enemy of any scooter intended for transportation in the boot of a car is weight.

The scooter often needs to be picked up in its entirety, meaning it needs to weigh very little, leading to less than desirable compromises, particularly in folding, collapsible scooters.

Take away too much weight and the scooter can become insubstantial and the carrying capacity, available range and comfort can all be severely impacted by poor design choices.

This is where a take-apart scooter really shines. By splitting the mobility scooter in to its various component parts the weight involved in each lift is greatly reduced.

In the Ultra this weight has been considerably reduced, when compared to our Air and Air2, models by the use of aluminium, resulting in fantastic rigidity while being a fraction of the weight of steel, for the chassis and ABS for the bodywork. In a word, it is far more portable.

The use of ABS has also allowed us to bring the same fetching silver livery to the Ultra as we use on the rest of our five-wheel range of Quingos.

The Quingo 5-wheel range

Off vehicle charging allows you to take your batteries off the scooter all together and carry them to a convenient charging point, which can be anywhere you like. In the standard four battery configuration the range offered is up to 18 miles/29km and, if you really wish to keep the weight down, you can configure your Quingo Ultra with two batteries giving you up to 10 miles or 16km before you will need a charge.

Off vehicle charging

There is even a very handy USB port for keeping  your phone topped up and this is complimented by a handy storage area.

Phone USB charging point and storage



All of our scooters leverage Quintell™ technologies to offer some unique advantages that will greatly benefit the user.

Up to 80% more foot-space is granted by our unique five-wheel design and our ergonomic Quintell™ Posture Control System when compared to four wheel scooters.

Davis Associates (one of the UK’s leading human factors consultancies) compared Quingo scooters against standard 4 wheeler scooters and came to the following conclusions:

When compared to 4 wheelers, Quingo’s are more adjustable in their setup allowing them to better meet the needs of the individual.
Quingo’s provide a comfortable driving posture for a greater proportion of the population.
Quingo’s facilitate a greater hip angle range than 4 wheelers without compromising the angles of the knee or ankle.

When you add fully adjustable seats, our Adaptive Footplates and adjustable tillers you are afforded comfort few can rival.

Our highly advanced Tri-Wheel Steering and Kerbmaster™ anti-tip and anti-beach technologies mean all of our scooters possess the stand out ability to climb and descend kerbs at up to a 45 degree angle while eliminating any risk of becoming beached.

The design is not only inherently stable, bringing fantastic safety, but also extremely agile.

You can purchase the new Ultra from our exclusive UK distributor HERE

In the Netherlands you can get one HERE

In Australia you can contact Wholesale Mobility to find where you can buy one.