Mobility Scooter Grand Giveaway

The first Australian retailer of Quingo mobility scooters, Motobility, have been celebrating their new range in grand style.

In a raffle at the Perth ATSA Independent Living Expo they gave away one of our Quingo Classic mobility scooters to one very lucky new member of the Quingo family.

The mobility scooter, worth $5300, was generously donated by Motobility.

The journey begins with Quingo mobility scooters
Classic Rear View
David Throssell out and about on his prize
Quingo Classic getting you out and about
Quingo Classic getting you in touch
David Throssell Lunchtime
David Throssell independence found
Quingo Mobility Scooters


Lucky winners Gail and husband David Throssell said this about the win

Oh wow!!!! That is so amazingly fantastic!
My husband who is 84 years and has Parkinson’s Disease will get so much benefit out of it. He cannot walk very far now. We went to the Expo with David first time in a wheelchair, otherwise he would never had lasted the distance of looking at and trying equipment we are needing for him.
As an OT of 40 years, who had to give up registration and work as an OT because of COVID, I understand the benefits this Quingo Classic Scooter with its easy manoeuvrability and safety features, and how it will help my husband. It will improve his physical and mental well being and independence, and enable him to get out of the house much more willingly and safely. DAVID gave up his car and drivers licence of his own volition last year. I also know how valuable in the community places like Motobility are to “enable” people with a disability, alongside the valuable input of an OT, of course!!
Here we come again Freo, even if I am running behind!!
I am so excited and so thankful to Motobility.
I am also very thankful to “My God who shall supply all your needs!” God is good.

The fact that Gail worked as an occupational therapist means you can trust her opinions on medical devices!

On taking delivery of their prize Gail tells us

Motobility dropped David’s new mode of transport this morning. Thank You to Elliot, Tom and Ned for their helpful orientation! Off on our first adventure in David’s new chariot. Cannot thank Motobility and all the friendly staff enough for their very generous gift giving David greater independence and freedom! Thank You so much again!

We sincerely hope he enjoys not just his fantastic good luck, but also the benefits of safety, stability, agility and comfort that only one of our 5 wheel Quingo mobility scooters can offer.

Based in Perth Motobility are one of the premier suppliers of mobility scooters and disability aids in the area so your are in good hands when you purchase your Quingo there.

You can buy a Classic in Australia HERE

Motobility carry other models from our range so have a look around their site to find the perfect Quingo to suit your mobility scooter needs.