Quingo UK distributor gives you winter tips on using your scooter

Well, it's certainly turned a lot colder and, with the inclement weather UK distributor Forever Active has created a very handy set of tips for using your Quingo Scooter. There is no need to be housebound, be safe and comfortable, enjoy this winter with the fantastic stability a Quingo offers! Read the guide here

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Features of Your Quingo

When choosing a mobility scooter, we know that one of the most important considerations for our customers is ensuring they can travel to their most frequent destinations safely, comfortably and hassle-free. Quingo 5-wheel scooters and their patented Quintell technology make this possible. Mrs Johnson told us that the best feature on her Quingo was its [...]

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Safety and Stability

Two of the biggest concerns when choosing a mobility scooter suitable for you and your environment are the safety and stability of the models on the market. With its 5 wheels and unique Quintell technology, Quingo scooters are stable, comfortable and safe even on the bumpiest of roads and pavements. This patented technology ensures that [...]

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New manoeuvrability and recommended retail price study is good news for Quingo

An independent research study commissioned to look at the mobility scooter market in two key areas proves to be good news for the 5 wheel Quingo range. The study was conducted by Thorpe Associates, who are an international market research and benchmarking organisation. The study, carried out in November 2013, compared the turning radius of [...]

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Can your scooter handle up to 4 inch kerbs at angles?

Here we bring you another short movie from our Quingo ‘Feature Highlight’ series. This time, we focus on the dynamic stability features and superior kerb handling abilities of the 5 wheel Quingo range, as tested by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. Most mobility scooters handle kerbs relatively well when approaching them head on, [...]

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Is your traditional scooter this stable?

Here’s a new short movie in our ‘Feature Highlights’ series, this time focusing on the premium stability of the 5 wheel Quingo range and the Quintell Technology used to provide optimum safety in multiple real life situations. Only Quingo offers the world patented 5 wheel stability system that ensures stability without compromising agility or comfort, [...]

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Is your traditional scooter this comfortable?

Here’s another short movie from our ‘Feature Highlight’ series, which focuses on the comfort and posture advantages of the Quingo Scooter range, which combine to make every journey as comfortable and effortless as possible. So far we have showcased the agility, manoeuvrability and stability advantages of a 5 wheel scooter when compared to their [...]

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Can your scooter turn tighter in small spaces?

The second short video in our “Feature Highlight” series focuses on the agility and manoeuvrability advantages of Quingo scooters and how these features benefit our customers. In our last post, we highlighted how Quingo is able to adapt to suit the user for both best posture and comfort, and how five wheel scooters adapt to [...]

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