Designed With You In Mind

Our customers’ comfort and safety is the starting point of everything we do here at Quingo. Each of the 5 wheel scooters in our range is carefully designed with our customers’ correct posture at the heart of the process. To ensure maximum comfort and safety on all of those essential outings to the shops, whether [...]

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Look After Your Legs

Vascular Disease Awareness Week 2013 takes place this year between the 11th and 17th of March. The week aims to highlight the importance of looking after your legs and make sure occurrences of vascular diseases, one of the UK’s largest killers, are minimised. With the aim of Vascular Disease Awareness Week in mind, it’s important [...]

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Quingo UK distributor, Forever Active – Importance of Training Featured on ‘The One Show’

A recent episode of BBC1’s ‘The One Show’ featured a sequence on the importance of safety, training and insurance for drivers of Mobility Scooters. The episode quite legitimately highlighted some of the negative consequences that can occur when a scooter is mis-sold, misused or sold with inadequate or no training. Thankfully, accidents are rare and [...]

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S’no Problem!

The snow has been falling across the country and around us here at Quingo, so we wanted to take a few moments to remind our customers of how a 5 wheels Quingo mobility scooter offers safe, comfortable mobility in all weather conditions. As you’ll see in our short film, having 5 points of contact [...]

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Quingo and the 5-wheel advantage

With three and four-wheel mobility scooters readily available, we’re often asked; why the fifth wheel? Quingo scooters were developed to fix some of the inherent problems associated with three and four-wheel mobility scooters. Three-wheel scooters are great if you don’t have much space or if you regularly use your scooter to get around tight corners, [...]

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I got chills…

We’re feeling the winter chill here at Quingo and to make sure all our customers are up to date on scooter care, we wanted to share a few more of our top tips on how to keep your scooter at its peak this season. Did you know the colder weather can shorten your scooter’s range? [...]

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All the leaves are brown

With autumn well and truly here, we wanted to take a few moments to share our top three autumn tips on scooter care to make sure your Quingo stays in optimum condition this season. Top tip 1: Keep your Quingo warm and dry. Cover your Quingo or keep it inside when not in use to [...]

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Comfort is king, and Quingo holds the crown!

Mobility Scooters can look like cumbersome things to get on. Yet when they exist to aid mobility, why shouldn’t they be easily accessible? Quingo Scooters are designed with comfort and accessibility at the forefront. Backed by the Davis Associates Anthropometic/Posture review, Quingo Scooters are tailored around you, adjusted and set correctly for every user. The [...]

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Quingo Top Ten Air Travel Tips

Taking your Quingo on a flight, through an airport and enjoying the Quingo advantage at your destination need not be as daunting as you think. This is the first in a series of postings that will help you get the most out of your Quingo. These simple steps will help you prepare your Quingo for [...]

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