Our customers’ comfort and safety is the starting point of everything we do here at Quingo. Each of the 5 wheel scooters in our range is carefully designed with our customers’ correct posture at the heart of the process.

To ensure maximum comfort and safety on all of those essential outings to the shops, whether you are visiting friends, family or if you are on a vital trip to the shops, your Quingo is equipped with multiple features and technologies that will help keep you as safe and as comfortable as possible throughout your journey.

Adaptive floating footplates provide up to 80% more foot area and allow the precise independent positioning of each leg.

An infinitely adjustable tiller means all controls are exactly where they should be for best posture and the minimum effort steering performs outstandingly well in tight spaces.

All models enjoy Q-Comfort fully adjustable seating which means whoever you are you’ll enjoy maximum comfort even on those longer journeys.

To find out more on how Quingo Mobility Scooters are designed with you in mind, feel free to give us a call on 0800 731 3376 and request your free brochure.