A recent episode of BBC1’s ‘The One Show’ featured a sequence on the importance of safety, training and insurance for drivers of Mobility Scooters.

The episode quite legitimately highlighted some of the negative consequences that can occur when a scooter is mis-sold, misused or sold with inadequate or no training. Thankfully, accidents are rare and most users enjoy the benefits a scooter offers without incident. However, when accidents do occur, as they do in all modes of transport, they attract more than their fair share of headlines.

The show highlighted the importance of insurance, which although is not mandatory, is highly recommended by the Department for Transport and the entire Quingo Team. Insurance is not expensive and gives you real peace of mind if anything should ever happen.

With all this in mind, the importance of sourcing your scooter from a company that provides comprehensive training and a safety test to ensure that users are capable and safe to drive a scooter is highlighted.

It goes without saying that only after completing the safety test and training that our customers go on to select the safest, most stable and reliable scooter you can get. Collectively, these simple steps go a long way to ensuring both user and public safety.

Here at Quingo, we get many letters from people we have assessed and their siblings thanking us for our honesty when a test has highlighted that certain individuals would not be safe to use a Quingo.

When choosing a company to purchase your scooter from, it’s well worth noting that while safety, stability and comfort are all paramount, that is not the end of the story. The pre and after sales services are just as vital, and in many instances make all the difference when it comes to getting genuine value for money and ensuring user suitability and safety.

‘The One Show’ feature asked the question of whether more legislation would help or hinder the ability of genuine users to access products. The programme summarised that as long as customers purchase from good, reputable companies offering comprehensive training, testing and insurance, the current legislation should be sufficient enough to make sure incidents remain rare.

For many people, a Quingo is literally a replacement for their legs and it’s vital that those in need can access these essential devices with appropriate training without excessive fuss and additional paperwork. Quingos make a vital difference to our customers’ well-being and quality of life.

If you would like more information on our unique 5 wheel range, to discuss your free assessment and test drive, or if you just want a brochure, please call 0800 0857 555 and we’ll be waiting to help.