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Mobility Scooters can look like cumbersome things to get on. Yet when they exist to aid mobility, why shouldn’t they be easily accessible? Quingo Scooters are designed with comfort and accessibility at the forefront.

Backed by the Davis Associates Anthropometic/Posture review, Quingo Scooters are tailored around you, adjusted and set correctly for every user. The Vitess and the Toura further play on this theme of ultimate comfort, offering a seat slide feature which allows even more access to those with stiff joints or limited leg movement.

Keep the blood flowing, too. No one likes pins and needles, and Quingo scooters come with foot-plates that can be pushed up and down – offering a gentle massage for your muscles and keeping the circulation going.

If you keep your arms on the armrests while driving, there’s no chance of added pressure on your legs and back, and that’s because every scooter comes perfectly adjusted to fit you. Not only that, Quingo offers superior stability and smoother ride with five wheels on the ground. Two independent suspension systems can be adjusted with the Quingo Vitness and Toura, making a bumpy ride just that bit more relaxed.

Just one last jewel for our crown – did you know Quingo scooters have a staggering 80% more foot room than on a vehicle of comparable length?

You can’t beat comfort, and you can’t beat Quingo.