Here’s a new short movie in our ‘Feature Highlights’ series, this time focusing on the premium stability of the 5 wheel Quingo range and the Quintell Technology used to provide optimum safety in multiple real life situations.

Only Quingo offers the world patented 5 wheel stability system that ensures stability without compromising agility or comfort, areas where traditional 3 or 4 wheel scooters are forced to make trade offs.

Many 3 wheel scooters actually offer a better seating position and better turning circle than 4 wheelers but it is on corners and on inclines where physically all 3 wheel scooters struggle. Only Quingo performs in all of these key areas.

Unlike most scooters, the weight distribution on a Quingo has a forward bias. Users’ legs and feet are positioned low over the front wheels at the same time maintaining the best possible ergonomic driving position. Traditional 4 wheel scooters force legs and feet to be either pushed back behind the front wheels or worse positioned high above them compromising posture. This forward bias not only helps maintain stability on inclines, slopes and hills but also plays a key part in safely negotiating kerbs both up and down.

Another unique stability feature is Kerbmaster™, the world’s first powered anti-grounding and anti-tipping device. When descending higher kerbs, where traditional scooters can become beached on their own anti-tip wheels, Kerbmaster™ auto- activates and safely enables the Quingo to descend to road level without delay. A delay which, in certain situations, could leave a driver in a dangerous position, stranded in a road.

These are just some of the unique stability features of Quingo. To find out more, receive a free brochure or if you would like more information about other features, please call our friendly team today on FREEPHONE 0800 731 3376.