Quingo in Sweden

Swedish audiences in Vänersborg have just had their first taste of the 5 wheel Quingo phenomenon at two special events attended by AVCs, exclusive Swedish Quingo distributor Promenix Solutions.

The first show was ‘Older Fair 2015’, which as the name suggests focuses on the needs of a more senior audience. Johan Hellgren of Promenix explains “Older Fair was a great success for us and Quingo, with a constant stream of interested mature people, both private and professionals visiting the stand. The Quingo Flyte, our self-loading portable was a massive hit. No-one had ever seen anything like it. We set up the Flyte in a Ford Fiesta and so many were amazed that such a powerful scooter was able to fit into such a small space. Some people even mistook it to be a lawn-mower at first and were even more surprised when we unloaded a full size mobility scooter.”

Quingo in Sweden


Also on the Promenix stand was the recently launched Quingo Vitess 2, one of the new, most advanced flagship models, fitted with the very popular ‘Q-Cam‘ which is a rear view camera option that provides users with all round vision in any direction of travel’. Johan again “The Vitess 2 was the model that most people wanted to try ‘hands-on’ and everyone who did, came back smiling after the test drive. As if to highlight the agility and ergonomic advantages of the Vitess, next to our stand was a traditional 4-wheel scooters company that happily provided the perfect comparison”

Sweden’s second show was ‘Tillsammans’ which means ‘Together’ and aims to inspire young people with disabilities with alternative leisure activities across a broad range of areas, including music, dance and fashion and including mobility.

Quingo Sweden


Johan continues “The Together Fair was quite another story, here, although still a very enthusiastic audience, nearly all were teenagers. Here, the organisers put up a 256m2 track marked up with cones for users to try products for themselves and here, the real difference between Quingo and standard scooters became even more obvious. It surprised me more than once how engaged and interested young users and their helpers were with Quingo, many of whom just kept coming back… and not just for the sweets.”
Everyone in the AVC team would like to congratulate Promenix Solutions on the success of both shows and fantastic impact they are already making in their territory.

You can find out more about Promenix-Solutions here and more about the Quingo Flyte here.