In the UK, the Department of Transport recognises two types of mobility scooter: Class 2 and Class 3. Class 2 scooters have a maximum speed of 4mph and are ideal for pedestrian areas and footpaths. If you want to drive on the road, you will need a Class 3 scooter which has a faster top speed and is specially equipped for road use. Class 3 scooters come with a speed limiter which you must use when the scooter is on the pavement or in a pedestrian area.

While there is no formal driving test or licensing system for mobility scooters, the Department for Transport recommends that drivers of Class 3 scooters understand the Highway Code and have good enough eyesight to read a number plate at 12.3 metres (40 feet). Quingo also recommends that if you are not used to using the road, a Class 2 scooter may be more suitable.

Quingo takes the safety of customers and all other road users extremely seriously. We insist that everyone who buys a Quingo scooter has first taken and passed a full safety assessment to ensure they have the right scooter for their needs and are able to drive and manoeuvre it safely and with confidence. Training is an essential part of the process.