One of the many advantages of Quingo ownership is the social side. Everybody likes to stay in touch with friends and keep up with the latest goings in their town or village.

Yes, you could make the most of Quingo’s agility in smaller shops for those vital grocery trips!
Yes, you could also make the most of the advanced 5 wheel stability and suspension for the lumps and bumps on the way to the post office!
And yes, you could sit back in comfort and enjoy the scenery on those longer solo drives through parks and woodland.

You ‘could’ do all sorts of things with Quingo and whenever you want, but sometimes you just want to be part of the conversation and in the thick of it. So whether you live in a large town or a small village like Emmerdale, Quingo safely keeps you in the loop and firmly connected to your your family, your friends and your community.

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Sandy Thomas is a fictional character on the ITV soap opera Emmerdale played by Freddie Jones. For more information about Emmerdale visit