The portable scooter market is the largest sector in the mobility industry and here at Quingo, we have already set benchmarks in the areas of stability, agility and comfort with our popular range of advanced 5 wheel scooters.

Back in March, we were proud to announce the launch of our newest breakthrough in portable mobility: the revolutionary self-loading portable scooter system, the Quingo Flyte.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, this handy round up will get you right you up to speed!<

What’s the Quingo Flyte?

The Quingo Flyte is the newest mobility scooter in the Quingo range and perfectly blends BIG scooter performance and portability without the need for dismantling or lifting heavy scooter parts.

Officially launched in March and now available to purchase in the UK, the Quingo Flyte comprises of the scooter itself, an on-board remote control unit and a dedicated removable docking station. The system allows the Quingo Flyte to be remotely driven into a user’s car, docked securely during transit, and effortlessly driven out again at the final destination.

So how does it work?

The Quingo Flyte can load and unload itself into to most small hatchback or estate cars in less than 60 seconds. It can do this with no modifications to your car, it requires no tools, and there are no installation or removal costs when the time comes to sell your car.

The dedicated docking station incorporates sliding lightweight ramps and comes with a simple 2 button remote: all you need to power the scooter in and out of most small hatchbacks or estate cars!

Speed is automatically controlled and the built-in guide rails safely direct the Flyte down to ground level. No heavy lifting is required and the entire weight of the scooter is fully supported making it safe, easy and convenient to load and unload before travelling to, and when arriving, at your destination.

Quingo Flyte

“My quality of life has vastly improved.” – What the Flyte can do for you…

Mr R. Grenville of Essex, our very first Quingo Flyte customer, wrote to us express his delight with his new Quingo Flyte.

In his kind letter, Mr Grenville outlines how the Flyte’s breakthrough self-loading system answered his needs by removing the need to lift his scooter into the boot of his car.

Quingo Flyte

Two additional features which make the Quingo Flyte the ultimate BIG performance portable scooter, are large diameter wheels with pneumatic tyres and a large 250 Watt motor.

In his letter, our customer Mr Grenville advises how these features of his own Quingo Flyte are superior to his previous scooter, have vastly improved his quality of life, and enabled him to get back to his passion for bird watching.

Quingo Letter

Thank you to Mr Grenville for taking the time to write to us and his wonderful comments on the brand new Quingo Flyte.

If you would like more information on the brand new Quingo Flyte or any of the 5 wheel mobility scooters in our range, don’t hesitate to request your FREE colour brochure or give our friendly team a call on FREEPHONE 0800 023 2577.