The Quingo Flyte really is quite unlike other mobility scooters.  This compact, state-of-the-art scooter gives users unrivalled portability and is compatible with a huge array of cars, making it an incredibly versatile mobility solution.  In this post, we take a closer look at why the Quingo Flyte really is at the forefront of the next generation of mobility scooters.

Quingo Quality You’ve Come to Expect 

Quingo are the only scooter range to provide customers with the benefit of the 5 wheel difference.  Unlike traditional 4 wheel scooters, all Quingo products offer enhanced stability, unequalled agility, better comfort, safer kerb handling and superior adaptability and the Quingo Flyte is no exception.  Alongside these amazing advantages, Quingo Flyte users will also benefit from a comprehensive warranty (Please check with your importer / distributor for warranty period and terms), free delivery, tuition and bespoke set-up services as well as first-class customer service.  With our highly skilled network of engineers, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that Quingo are never far away should you need our help.

Effortless Car Docking and Portability

Traditional 4 wheel scooters are often cumbersome, making them difficult to transport.  With the Quingo Flyte however, car docking could not be easier. Every Quingo Flyte comes with an accompanying docking station ramp and remote control which allows you to effortlessly load your scooter into your car boot in less than 60 seconds.  Put simply, the Quingo Flyte’s docking station does all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

No Dismantling Required

The Quingo Flyte’s unique design enables you to transform your scooter into an incredibly compact shape which will fit inside most small hatchbacks and estates without issue.  Unlike a huge amount of 4 wheel scooters, the Flyte does not need to be dismantled before transportation.  Thanks to its simple, elegant design, that Quingo Flyte’s seat and tiller fold down easily, creating a sleek and compact version of the Flyte which can be docked with minimal effort.

Quingo Flyte

A Compact Scooter, Big on Performance

Given the Quingo Flyte’s highly portable nature, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it might pack less punch when it comes to performance.  In fact, the Quingo Flyte’s superior design specification means that it comes with a highly powerful motor capable of easily carrying weights of up to 25 stone.  Not only is the Flyte’s motor very impressive, but the scooter is also capable of travelling up to an incredible 23 miles on its 400 Watt engine.

If you’d like to know more about next generation in the Quingo range, the Quingo Flyte, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0800 085 7555, or contact us through the Quingo Flyte web page.  We would be delighted to see you a free brochure and DVD, or arrange a test drive with no obligation to buy.