As the October half-term break draws closer, many of us across the country will be busy making plans to visit family, friends and loved ones. While the October break is a great opportunity to bring family and loved ones closer together, the thought of transporting traditional 3 and 4 wheel scooters on long journeys can be a real deterrent for many.

The huge advantage of the Quingo Flyte over other traditional scooters is the ease with which the scooter can be loaded into almost any hatchback, SUV and estate cars. In this post, we take a closer look at why the Quingo Flyte can help make troublesome car loading and car journeys a thing of the past.

Quingo Flyte

Overcoming the Elements

Although October may be one of the colder, more challenging months of the year, the Quingo Flyte’s remote controlled docking system makes loading your scooter into your car incredibly easy. For the first time ever, the Quingo Flyte offers a completely portable mobility solution. The remote controlled system is so easy to use in fact that the Flyte can load and unload itself into most small hatchbacks and estate car in less than a minute, meaning you won’t be left struggling in the elements while trying to figure out a solution to load your scooter.

We’re committed to Great Customer Experiences

When it comes describing the superior quality and experience afforded by the Quingo Flyte, you need look no further than our own customers’ testimonials! We were recently contacted by Mrs Anne Wood of Kent, who had taken her Quingo Flyte all the way to Europe’s most northerly point – the North Cape in Norway! In an extremely kind letter, Mrs Wood went on to describe to us that she never would have been able to visit North Cape “with a scooter you had to dismantle to load into the coach”.

Quingo at North Cape Norway

Mr R. Grenville of Essex, also kindly wrote to us earlier in the year to let us know just how much the Flyte has changed his life. Mr Grenville explained in his letter than his quality of life had been “vastly improved” as a result of the highly versatile Quingo Flyte.

Quingo Letter

Experience the 5 wheel difference for yourself

At Quingo, we’re passionate about providing customers with the best quality products, and customer service to match. If you would like to arrange a FREE TEST DRIVE with one of our highly trained experts, we would be delighted to help. You can book your test drive, or order a free DVD and Quingo brochure simply by giving us a call on FREEPHONE 0800 023 2577, or by completing our ‘contact us’ form.