Quingo’s exclusive distributor for the Australasian Region, Quingo Pacific have passed on great news to us regarding the stringent safety checks a scooter must undergo in order to be considered legal for use there.

Quingo scooters have passed the Australian and New Zealand requirements which are: AS/NZS 3695.2:2013 Part 1. with flying colours!


This involved 19 different test sections from Dynamic Stability tests, Fatigue tests (including rolling roads and drop tests), Obstacle climbing tests to name but a few.


Standards Australia describe the key aims of the standard as:

“This standard is about advancing the safety and protection of wheelchair users,” said Dr Bronwyn Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Standards Australia.

“Some of the most important new safety aspects include a test for the capability of the wheelchair to climb a specified maximum safe slope and ability to negotiate various degrees of ground unevenness,” said Dr Evans.

Dr Evans said requirements such as fatigue tests for parking brakes, at least one emergency stop device being fitted, and clear warning signs for tyre pressure and brake usage, gives much greater peace of mind that a wheelchair meets minimum safety and reliability expectations.

Advanced Vehicle Concepts Ltd are delighted with this news and it will only assist our exclusive distributor for Australasia establish the Quingo range in this exciting market.