Quingo UK distributor, Forever Active – Customer feedback

Forever Active, the UK's Exclusive Distributor of Quingo receive fantastic feedback daily from their customers. Here is some examples of the amazing feedback: "I'm having a great time with my scooter. I was able to go Christmas shopping with my daughter after I bought it" - Mrs Pilhearn "I am very pleased with my scooter. [...]

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Quingo UK distributor, Forever Active – Letter – Fantastic feedback

Forever active receive a lot of fantastic feedback regarding the products and service provided. This is a letter we received from a very happy customer Mrs Bysom. Forever Active are always very grateful for any feedback on the Quingo products and service.

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Quingo takes Flyte to Europe’s most northerly point!

Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities here at Quingo, which is why we value our customers’ opinions and experiences of Quingo scooters so much. We believe in the quality of our scooters and we love to hear from customers who really put them through their paces! This month we received a letter from [...]

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Flying High: The Quingo Flyte Reviews are in!

The breakthrough in portable 5 wheel mobility is here! The amazing new Quingo Flyte is a revolutionary compact model which boasts big scooter performance. The self-loading Flyte fits most hatchbacks and estate cars without modifications tools, making transporting your scooter even simpler than ever before. Our newest model remotely unloads and loads in under 60 [...]

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Quingo UK distributor, Forever Active – “Excellent at his Job”

At Quingo, there’s no mail we like receiving more than mail from our valued customers. We appreciate hearing about your experiences throughout the process of testing the scooters, from purchasing the model that’s right for you, right the way through our after-sales care. So as you can imagine, we were delighted to receive a letter [...]

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Quingo UK distributor, Forever Active – “Impressed with all that I have experienced”

Whether it’s on our range of 5 wheel scooters, or on the service offered by our friendly team - Quingo love hearing feedback from you! We continue to encourage you to get in touch to let us know your thoughts and experiences with our staff, our demonstrations and of course driving your Quingo itself. Mr [...]

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Quingo UK distributor, Forever Active – The People Who Matter Most: Our Customers

In our last blog post, we shared some lovely comments received from our customers after meeting with our Quingo sales team for a scooter demonstration. Our customers are the best benchmark for assessing the quality of our product and service. We take customer feedback extremely seriously and are proud of the consistently high marks and [...]

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